Easy file transfer directly to the user

The problem to transfer files meets often enough: to transfer photos or movie to friends, to get files from office computer and so on.

However this trivial task comes across set of restrictions: usage of internet storage servers often limits maximum volume of files. Some servers require registration or fee. In addition, sending of huge files on the server wastes much time. Transferring files through instant messaging servers can reduces downloading speed to level of dial-up connection. In addition you need to install software, create account etc. Usage of peer-to-peer networks is inconvenient in some cases. There is inconvenience with packing of files into folders, protection from search and registration. Besides, in case both users are behind NAT the sending can be impossible.

DirecTransFile software has been created to bypass restrictions, specified above:

  • It doesn’t use web-technologies – the software can transfer files directly between users, without server participation. It allows to transfer files as fast as possible.
  • It doesn’t bind to web-browser – the software can transfer many files, it works without registration and resumes broken downloads of files.
  • It doesn’t use protocols of peer-to-peer networks – the software allows you to traverse NATs, it doesn’t publish file names throughout internet and allow more conveniently to work with folders.

DirecTransFile is portable software. It doesn’t demand installation and registration.

Web page > DirecTransFile

Download > HERE